TECTRON Flat anode cells for electrophoretic paints

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TECTRON flat anode cells are provided with coated steel support bars.  The distance between the bars is optimized to the cell length.

All dimensions of TECTRON flat cells can be customized for the specific plant conditions. Open top version allows for easy electrode removal and inspection Mounting racks are made to fit existing tank rim support

Advantages of flat anode cells:

*Flat anode cells contain more electrode area per unit; less anodes are needed for the same duty which also means less electrical and anolyte connections.

*Membrane replacement is cheaper for flat anode cells but it requires emptying the paint tank prior to their removal from the tank for re-membraning and much higher labour costs.

*Flat anode cells take up less width which could result in a smaller paint tank volume





  • Customized length of submerged cell and top part. Electrode in open cells can be removed from the top.

  • Absence of stagnant area behind the electrode reduces biological growth.

  • Very small distance from tank wall, total 85 mm to outside of support bars.

  • Frame and cover plate in PP construction, precision machined.

  • Choice between 2 membrane qualities for cathodic paint

  • The Electrode is made from 316L stainless Steel of 2-3 mm thickness, other stainless steel quality or coated Titanium on request.

  • The electrode has 0,73 m2 surface area per meter of submerged cell depth

  • Two anolyte feed connections and 2 anolyte return connections for inmproved anolyte flowpattern.

  • Current density of 30 – 50 amp/m² is typical at 200 – 400 volts.