Inside CONDOROIL GOUP important divisions have been developed to cover the different fields in the surface chemical treatment.

Condoroil Chemical
researches and develops the most suitable product to meet any requirement in degreasing, pickling,  lubricating, protection,

superficial conversion, passivation, paint stripping, non destructive control, membrane conditioning and water treatment.

Condoroil Impianti
designs and manufactures equipments that allow the customer to minimize waste, to optimize product consumption, to recover raw materials, to assure high quality standards and to recycle waste and rinse water.

Condoroil Chemitech
supplies instrumentation which is used to control and to maintain the process parameters, the working solution and the rinse water by means of on-line control instrumentation and dedicated software

Condoroil Stainless
new brand name of Condoroil. It groups all the experience matured in more than 15 years of activity carried out in the field of stainless steel pickling starting from 1898 when Condoroil Chemical developed, first in Italy, a nitric acid free pickling process

specialized in manufacturing plants for the water treatment such as lamella systems for the suspended solids and oils separation, tanks and accessories.